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Rei Kennex as Ashoka, Photo by Mark Edwards We are cosplay and everyday friendly. Get what you want, the way you want it. Screen Accurate replica of the Gyrocopter pilot's hat from the film Mad Max Hip mounted arrow quiver.  Burgandy with a visible white edge and brass hardware. custom version of our modular harness with specialty hardware
Rei Kennex as Rey from Star Wars Episode 8 Custom holster for the 12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Leather bag with two front pouches.  Converts from shoulder bag to backpack. Mara Jade cosplay accessories. Dring Belt worn by Lisa Naser in her Game of Thrones Arya Stark outfit.
Rei Kennex as Rey from Star Wars Episode 7 Cover for a marching compass with slide out magifying loup. Cover for an antique screw top cream flask.  Cutout for plaque on the side saying the word "cream" and lacing details. Comparison photo of the belt for Captain Cold in the video game "Injustice 2".  Padded leather covered over with punched hole details. Custom Pouch for custom steampunk playing cards.
Hip holster for a light meter.  Chopstick holster with key in the lacing.  The leather has a small hole punch pattern. Tooled leather holster for a Modded Nerfgun.  Dyed leather with basket weave and barb wire details. Hip holster for a modded nerf in a more cyberpunk style. Cuff style watchband
Reproduction of a pair of hip saddle bags with buffalo hide, snake skin and fringe. Screen accurate copy of a hat worn by Toadie in the Movie "Mad Max".  Features a weasel pelt, vehicle badges and wool base. Simple cross body bladric with green trim holding a rapier. Detail of leather suspenders with woven straps and "Y" back to lobster clips. Comissioned pair of wand holsters with an Artemis pouch body in red with blue detailing.
Hip holster for a book.  Intended to carry spellbooks for LARP campaigns.  Adjusts for differents sizes of grimores.   Pouch with lacing custom created for a silt walker   Holster for a cosplay gun.  Mounts at the small of teh back on a belt.  Simple brown with etched detailing and hidden hardware.